New Brooklyn Park Playground Opens To The Public

Ribbons have become an important part of openings and inaugurations and in Brooklyn Park, there is no exception. Just recently, a ribbon-cutting ceremony had been held to signify the opening of the new playground to the public, especially the kids.

When news of the construction of the new playground had first reached Brooklyn Park, the kids were ecstatic. For over a week during the playground’s construction, kids like 9-year old Zack Merriman would often come by the site and chat with the county workers who were installing the new playground. Zack would often ask when the playground will open, a reasonable question for a young boy who loves to play in the outdoors.

And finally, during the ribbon-cutting ceremony, you could expect Zack to be there. About thirty people and more had attended the ceremony. This would include people of various occupations such as state lawmakers, officials, local residents and various kids from the neighborhood.

The new playground had been completed about 2 weeks ago and it had cost some $40,000 to build. The new playground is a part of the many improvement projects of the county officials of Recreations and Parks.

Before the construction of the new playground, the kids had been playing in a much smaller and crowded playground which was not too far from the new playground’s site and when the officials had told the residents about the plan, they had asked to place the new playground in a different location from the old one.
According to Debbie Frank, the president of the Arundel Neighborhoods Association, since the former playground was located in an area where there weren’t that many kids; it had become a hangout for teenagers.

The kids had practically nothing to play on. One parent said that the new playground is such a great help not only for the kids, but for the parents as well; for they now have a playground near their homes where they could keep an eye out on them.

The playground, albeit new, is truly a blessing to the local residents especially when it comes to recreation, security and safety.