New Bylaw Regarding Landlord Inspection Approved By City Council

Landlords in Toronto will soon have no choice but to display their inspection results in front of the building they are listing for rent. This is because of the new bylaw concerning apartment buildings that was approved by the city council. Since the last decade, tenants as well as anti-poverty advocates have been demanding for this and there are those that were present and clapping during the vote counting held at the city hall.

According to Laurie Simpson, the spokeswoman for ACORN, the rental market resembles Wild, Wild West as of the moment. Tenants will now be able to decide before signing a contract because they will be given the chance to see the posted inspection and there is also the new registration system where they can check. This has been a big move since the call for rights of the tenants.

The program will follow the DineSafe program that was introduced back in 2001. It forced restaurants to post inspection results from Toronto Public Health to show that the business has passed the inspection or if it was given either a conditional pass or a fail.

The same method will be used by landlords according to the new bylaw that was approved by the municipal licensing and standards committee. It was councilor Josh Matlow who represented the idea to the council after the ACORN approached him with complaints from tenants that have worse experiences such as having bathrooms that are bug infested and hallways that are soaked with urine.

The program DineSafe made it possible for the restaurants to adapt and the councilor reasoned that the rental housing sector could follow it too. Matlow said that it is a way for landlords to be more transparent and accountable of their establishments. Prospective tenants will know what to expect before signing the contract.

According to statistics, after a year of launching DineSafe, there has been a considerable increase in the compliance rate. It jumped to 78 per cent from the previous 40 per cent. Now the rate is at 90 per cent. This is why it is important to make sure that the buildings you are renting have passed building & pest inspections in Gold Coast.