New Law In Malaysia Allows Employer To Directly Hire Help

Hiring a trusted helper inside the house is not easy. Sometimes the agency will send you an inexperienced one and you will be left without a help a few months after they started. This never happens in premium agencies such as Savoir Vivre Domestic Agency but in Malaysia, this is a common setup that employers go through.

Rafidah Arifin, a 39 years old Malaysian, shared her experience with house maids. She said that because of her work schedule which takes up most of her time, she does not have time to clean the house and perform other important chores.

She decided to get a foreign helper with the help of an agency in 2013 so that someone will help her clean and take care of her home.

The agent required a deposit from her amounting RM 3,500 and when the maid arrived in her home, she paid the remaining balance which is another RM 3,500. The house came from Medan and was looking pale and unhealthy when she came to her. In a week time of being employed, the woman is always vomiting and is complaining of a tummy ache.

She brought her to a medical professional only to find out that her new house help is pregnant and on her third month. She cannot believe that the agency hired a pregnant woman to be a house helper.

She called the agency which is based in Kepong and they made different excuses as to what happened. After a month of hiring the maid, she ran away from the Rafidah’s house. She was relieved only by the fact that none of her belongings went missing when the maid left.

In the recent Budget 2018 talks, an announcement was made regarding employers being able to directly hire house help instead of going through agencies. Direct hiring can be done from nine different countries with Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar on the list.

Aside from direct hiring, they can apply for their helper’s visa through online application. Direct hiring is a good option unless you have premium agencies in recruiting house helpers such as Savoir Vivre Domestic Agency which is based in Dubai.