New Street Signs In Sydney Confused By New Signs

Driving in Sydney can be a little problematic, with the eastern and western suburbs across the major city being particularly accident prone areas. Driving in the city can be testy at certain times, with news about motoring in the city being less than favourable.  With this in mind, the last thing the city wants any where are car signs in Sydney that don’t make the road rules clear.

And yet, if Reddit and the Australian social media is any indication, that’s exactly what’s shown up in the city.

A collection of newly released car signs in Sydney have been pictured and uploaded by Sydney motorists from across the city, and, once one sees the images, it’s clear why: the signs are so confusing, no one can actually make sense of them and figure out exactly what they’re saying.

According to one of the many Sydney users on Reddit say about one, cluttered and utterly confusing sign, explained what the sign is actually saying.

According to him the special clearway is prioritized, taking precedent over every other thing, and that it’s illegal to stop in the area between 6-10am and 3-8pm, and parking is also prohibited from 10am and 3pm from Mondays to Fridays. Past 8pm, the road allows for 4 hour ticket-based parking.

On Saturday between 6am-10am the road is a loading zone and then the 4 hour ticket-based parking are also held up. For Sunday, the ticket parking applies from 8am to 10pm. The user extrapolates that, outside of those specified hours, the road allows for free parking. Other users added further details explaining the sign.

Other Reddit users said that these signs are problematic since they’re so hard to read whilst driving, with the bad signs bringing in an ironic scenario, according to some users; you stop to understand the sign, which says that you can’t actually stop there, with some expanding on that, saying that someone will likely to be ticketed as a result of stopping in a no-stop zone to read the sign that marks it as a no-stop zone.

The confusing signs have yet to be dealt with, whilst Sydney motorists continue to talk and complain about across Reddit and social media.