No More Funerals At Perth Crematorium

Perth Crematorium is undergoing a renovation that is worth £2.2 million thus the funeral services offered by the Crieff Road site will be affected including those who are planning to pay respects to their loved ones for the last time.

Funeral directors in Perth are quite sad about the news because it would mean that families need to travel outside of Perth or choose other venues for the funeral services thus they have partnered with other groups in finding a solution. They recognize that the families are already grieving and do not need another problem handed out to them.

One of the funeral director that has been actively looking for solution is James Carcary along with Minister Scott Burton who is serving at the St. Matthew’s Church. According to Rev Burton, they are willing to lend the church for those who are planning to have large funerals that have no religious affiliations.

James Carcary said that Rev Scott Burton decided to do this because of his kindness. Funeral services can now be held at the church since St. Matthew’s has a seating capacity of 200 people and there are no other funeral venues in Perth that can handle such a large crowd.

He also added that they are already contented to use the crematorium but Rev Burton has already offered and this will be suitable for families who wish to have the service at the crematorium. It is not a secret that the church has never participated in anything that does not have to do with religion.

St. Matthew’s Church’ spokesperson said that they are aware of the temporary shutting down of the Perth crematorium and have heard the concerns of the residents as well as the funeral directors in Perth. Thus they have decided to offer their building as it is compatible for large gatherings and it is beautiful to be used at such a ceremony. This decision has been made after the fact that they know that families will have a harder time to find other options for their funeral services and this is a time when they should be grieving and not worry about other matters.