Normal Life can be restored through the Help of Others

It is common knowledge that flooding in streets is usually caused by blocked drains. All sorts of thrash as flushed down the drains to prevent water from flowing freely. After a particularly heavy rain, flash floods results and displaces a lot of people. Last May 2015, during Memorial Day weekend, flash flooding occurred around Austin, Texas.

Blanco River hit a record of 43 feet which is 30 feet over the flood stage with water barreling 2.5 times stronger than Niagara Falls. One thousand people were displaced and left homeless. A family of four has lost everything they owned from their home to their two cars. The family was able to stay in a hotel through the efforts of Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) in partnership with more than 175 churches in the Greater Austin area.

The family did not have any basic supplies that they were even forced to share one toothbrush. ADRN invited the family to free shopping at the organization’s thrift shop. They family chose from racks of clothes and shoes but one thing made them very excited. There was a hygiene kit that contained 4 toothbrushes. The family especially the kids were happy and felt that everything was returning back to normal.

ADRN was established in 2009 because of the many disasters that were experienced by the area. There were volunteers who had training in trauma debriefing that would go from door to door to help families heal emotionally. The volunteers will listen to stories and would tell the people to look at the good in every situation. When there is hope, people can begin to restore their lives.

Volunteers also provided families with gift cards so that they can purchase their most immediate needs. After the basic needs are met, volunteers helped the family to focus on how to find temporary housing and eventually buy a new car.

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