Online Fundraising Initiated To Help A Blind Teen

The cost of laser eye surgery in Belfast can be quite a burden especially to those who does not have enough to fund the treatment. This is true everywhere in the world especially to a young teen in Belfast. Lexi Jones was born with blindness and she is now 13 years old. Because of the latest development in technology and the invention of the electronic eyeglasses, Lexi hopes to improve her condition. Her local community has offered to help but the cost of the electronic eyeglasses can be quite costly and might not be enough.

Lexi is attending the Berlin Intermediate School and just finished her sixth grade as an honor student for the third quarter. She is a big fan of technology and she loves to solve problems. Despite her blindness, she loves to visit YouTube and listen to the videos which she claimed have helped her learn a lot of unique skills such as performing CPR, intubation and benefits of AFib. The desire to learn these skills might have to do with her mother who is a nurse at the Atlantic General Hospital.

Meghan Gorrera, Lexi’s mother, shared how she has grown and overcome a lot of things despite her condition but she admitted that the inability to see is a major obstacle to the teen’s way of life. When Lexi was born, she was only 24 weeks and her weight back then was only 1 lb. and 14 oz. As soon as her mother gave birth, she was transferred to Baltimore at Johns Hopkins Hospital via a helicopter. There she had to stay for 4 months and has suffered brain hemorrhage (Grade 4). Because of this, she had to go through five different brain surgeries as well as a shunt placement.

After developing a seizure disorder, the doctors found out that Lexi had autism. Before she was released from the hospital, the doctor told Lexi’s mom that she has an eye condition which is referred to as ROP or retinopathy of prematurity. This condition is common in premature babies. Now with the help of eSight eyewear, Lexi’s vision improved greatly but it comes at a cost of $15,000. Because of this, her family decided to launch a Go Fund Me page for Lexi.