Personal Tweets That Can Make You Smile

Nick Harvey is a UK-based musician and composer who requested his Twitter followers last June 17 to share their good news, funny stories and random acts of kindness. He was overwhelmed with the number of responses to his tweet because soon enough people were tweeting about amusing experiences during the week and moments that made them smile.

People tweeted images of their family members and pets while others tweeted about some personal moments in their life. Some of the responses included:

• One response said that a parent gave flowers for going that extra mile for the child in class who is suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome.
• A boyfriend who is in a hospital bed proposed. It is surprising that he remembers the girlfriend after suffering severe brain injury due to a car accident.
• Somebody shared that the one thing he learned today is sharing joy is not such a bad thing.
• Faye Jackson tweeted that her 12 year old son gave her a chocolate bar when he got back from school. The son bought his chocolate bar with his own pocket money.
• Casey Nottage tweeted that her 5 year old wants to be PM and his policy would be to allow everyone in Australia to get a cat and a slice of chocolate cake.
• Susan Reuben tweeted that her friend drove all day with a jam sandwich on the roof of her car. The jam sandwich was still on the roof by evening.
• Becky Lea tweeted the she walked into a doorframe and apologized to it in front of a doctor’s packed waiting room.
• Another tweet mentioned the happiness of seeing the beautiful daughter smile a few minutes after a heart operation.
• Martine B. was obviously overjoyed when a young boy offered to share his umbrella amidst a pouring rain storm.

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