Perth Crime Map Shows Safety Data

A Perth citizen, whose mate was going around looking for a way to ensure his home security in Perth, was looking around for data to give him a good idea of what he needed for his home. Realizing that no tool existed for detailing the data for the safety of his suburb, he decided to make one for himself and other Australian homeowners.
Nick Lilleyman, a Perth homeowner, recently launched Perth Crime Map. It is a website detailing crime rates throughout the suburbs of Perth, utilizing West Australian Police and census data for crimes like robbery, car theft, burglary, graffiti and assault, in order to break down and detail of a suburb’s crime rate, with the data being shown being the level of crime in the suburb per 100 people. Visitors to the site can look for their suburb or hover over areas to get detailed data for each.
The site ranks suburbs based on the level of crime in the area, listing down the areas with the least and most number of crimes reported.
The maker of the site, Mr. Lillyman, stated that he got the idea to make the site after one of his friends moved the suburb of Willetton. When he got there, Lillyman said his friend started installing numerous security measures for his house, such as a CCTV system. Lillyman initially believed that those measures were excessive for the neighborhood, which he believed were not dangerous enough to warrant such measures.
It was then he searched for an online map or tool to show data on Willetton’s safety in relation to nearby suburbs, but was unable to find anything useful, wherein he decided to make one for himself, and to help other people with the same issue.
The site, notably, points out that the site is not affiliated to or endorsed by the WA Police or the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and that the data used for the site was police statistics and ABS census data from 2011. The site makes no claim for the accuracy of its data, it says, but it has an area devoted to receiving more up-to-date data from visitors.
The swanky neighborhood of Dalkeith was dubbed by the site as the safest, with 0.7 crimes for every 100 population, with the crimes in the area tending towards burglary and assault.
For those curious about home security in Perth, here are the list of the areas with least crime according to the site.
• Dalkeith: 0.7
• Floreat: 0.9
• Lower Chittering: 0.9
• Leeming: 0.9
• Buka(WA): 0.9
• Menora: 0.9
• Daglish: 0.9
• Kingsley: 1.0
• Wembley Downs: 1.0
• Duncraig: 1.0
• Gooseberry Hill: 1.0
• Carine: 1.1
• Gwelup: 1.1
• Tapping: 1.1
• Ocean Reef: 1.2
• Chidlow: 1.2
• Ashby (WA): 1.2
• Crawley: 1.2
• Winthrop: 1.2