Photography-loving Office Cleaner

Mr. Lui Hock Seng has been in love with photography for over half a century and ever since been taking pictures of his beloved country, Singapore. During the night, Mr. Lui who is 79 years old, works as an office cleaner while during the day he is a photographer.

When morning comes, he would pack his Nikon camera inside his backpack and walk around various areas including the neighborhoods of Toa Payoh and Redhill in order to score some good shots. At night he is employed by the SPH or Singapore Press Holdings as a cleaner.

Mr. Lui took interest in photography when he was only a teenager back in the 50s. Upon seeing other people taking photographs, he was also encouraged to learn the skill. Through a friend’s introduction, he was able to become a member of the South-East Asia Photographic Society where he learned photography.

Upon finishing school, he was employed as a mechanic and he worked the job for a few decades. His father was a tailor while his other was a housewife and they have six children. Mr. Lui was the third child and because of the family’s situation he was not able to buy a camera. 55 years ago, his eldest brother gifted him a Rolleiflex which is made by Germans. During those days, it was considered the best kind of mechanical camera and photographic film are required.

During his early 40s, he encountered an accident during work and his right eye lost its sight. Through his passion, he was able to win competitions both locally and internationally. He used to work as a part-time photographer too during events and special occasions but stopped when he reached the age of 60 because the job was too tiring for him.

Despite his age, he is keeping up with the new technology and decided to learn Photoshop. The employees at The Strait Times, a company owned by SPH, are contributing in order to give Mr. Lui a new camera since his digital camera for six years is already faulty.

With the passion he has for photography, it is not surprising that many are encouraged to be a Destination Photographer & Videographer. Mr. Lui is now focusing on taking photos of the crowds in order to see the ones that stand out and he called them weird as well as wonderful at the same time.