Picaluna Is The New Uber For Funerals

For years up until now, the funeral industry has been welcoming traditional players but this might change in the coming years with the introduction of Picaluna. This startup company is based in Sydney and desires to provide a modern edge to the funeral industry which is currently worth $1 billion. The company is launching a funeral marketplace that works in both sides. This might be a shock to the funeral directors in Sydney because they have been used to the traditional marketplace.

Greg Inglis, the co-founder as well as managing director of Picaluna, said that the concept came to him when he grew tired of the funerals which are not only overpriced but seems to be following the same concept ever since. When his mother passed away, he was forced to spend over $10,000 for a funeral service that lasted 45 minutes but actually felt to be rushed in the process.

He said that they made sure to do the most possible but in the end, the service does not reflect his mother’s life or who she was when alive.

He said that the industry follows a cookie-cutter method that he does not have much option. Because of this experience, Picaluna came to be in 2014 together with Adam Podger, Chris Hancock and Paul Quinn. The aim is to give consumers the right to decide the entire funeral service, from start to finish.

Inglis said that their new venture can be considered the uber for the funeral industry. Coffins are available for wholesale prices and Picaluna only charges a flat rate of 35 per cent. The good news is that 10 per cent of which is given back to the chosen charity of the customer.

On January of last year, the startup was able to manage 68 funerals for its pilot program in collaboration with Salvation Army.They were able to present to the public the offerings of the company. While a cause for concern among funeral directors in Sydney, it is believed that the public especially the elderly will still go for the traditional.