Pirelli Introduced Hyper Soft Tyres

If you are looking for the latest tyres in Capalaba, you might be happy to hear that Pirelli has yet introduced another tyre in the market. According to Lewis Hamilton, a champion in Formula 1, he was able to test the new tyres from Pirelli with hyper soft compound after the testing he did in the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. Hamilton said that, in his opinion, it is yet the best tyre that was manufactured by the company ever since they came back as tyre supplier.

In the weekend following the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Pirelli made an announcement regarding the new tyres they are going to test. The tyres are not only wider but it has seven compounds. It will be included under the dry tyres category for 2018.

Pirelli is an Italian company with an exclusive contract with FQ as their official tyre supplier starting in 2011. They have decided to change their existing range of tyres and make them softer than before by a notch. The tyres have additional compounds that were put into the two ends of the scale.

When it comes to Pirelli’s softest tire, the ultra soft purple coloured tyre is no longer at the top but it was replaced by the hyper soft which has pink walls.

Hamilton is one of the limited numbers of racers that were able to test the 2018 range from Pirelli. He was able to do a testing race the first day after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was over.

According to him, all the other compounds that were available are still quite for his liking but he was complimenting the new tyres because they were hyper soft.

Hamilton said that he is now able to understand what the hype is all about when it comes to the Pirelli tyres to be released in 2018. His first impression was that this tyre is currently the best that Pirelli has offered ever since they came back as the official supplier for F1.

The company, on his opinion, is going the right path and consumers will soon see the tyres in Capalaba as it will be available commercially next year.