Pretox If You Want A Stress-Free January

This holiday season you might be tempted to stay on the sofa all day long while binge watching your favorite television series. Any thought of doing any physical activities might not have crossed your mind. Good news for you, Libby Limon who is an expert as detoxing nutritionist have developed a superfood plan that will aid in keeping your skin glowing as well as improve your metabolism even if you stay in front of the television all day long. These steps will give you a stress-free January when he holidays are over.

  • Clean your liver with the help of matcha green tea after a night of drinking. It might not be able to clean your memories after a night of heavy drinking but matcha green tea is known to have a very high level of catechin polyphenols which is a healthy plant chemicals. These chemicals are responsible in preventing toxins from circulating all over the body. Furthermore, it helps in protecting the liver cells and improves the body’s capacity to create glutathione which is an antioxidant for the liver.
  • Chia seeds will help your stomach adjust to your usual eating habit. Chia seeds contain soluble fiber which is important in helping the stomach digest and make sure it works properly. It will give you healthy stool that will move easily as it passes through the digestive tract when the holidays is over and you no longer have to eat a lot daily.
  • Avocado must be a part of your diet. This is one of the best sources of glutathione found in nature. Liver cells are protected and the organ is detoxified. It also contains Vitamin E which makes it a superfood.
  • Turmeric should be added to your menu for a healthy portion of that Christmas dinner. This Indian spice has been known since the ancient age and it is considered a strong antioxidant. People who consume this spice will have a stronger immune system and it aids in organs such as gallbladder and liver.

If you are going to visit Thailand after the holidays and have missed doing these pretox, detox in Thailand will help you get back on track.