Price Comparison Sites Accused With Favoring Deals That Would Earn Them Commission

The five biggest price comparison sites in the energy market are now under intense fire as they are accused of directing various clients and callers to energy tariffs that would earn themselves commissions even when the callers specifically asked for the cheapest deals. They have also been claimed to employ the same tactics online.

These claims are further backed by the recordings of conversations in phone released by collective switching site, The Big Deal. The website had claimed that, uSwitch, Go Compare, Compare the Market and MoneySuperMarket, all of which are considered the five biggest comparison sites, have deliberately failed to deliver information that would most benefit the callers and instead giving them information that would selfishly benefit themselves.

Will Hodson, co-founder of The Big Deal, states that according to their findings, these comparison sites were behaving as badly as they are in the online aspect of their industry. He also said that now that they (the big five) had been caught, it should be expected that they have now cleaned up their act.

Spokesman Stephen Murray of MoneySuperMarket said that they completely deny all the allegations being thrown at them and that they have never lied to their customers. He defended the operator in the recordings released by The Big Deal and said that having reviewed the call, they do feel that they could have made the call much clearer and will be doing so in the future.

Compare the Market has also denied the allegations saying that this issue only demonstrates the value of comparison sites for the consumers.

It would all seem that big comparison sites are not to be trusted with their comparisons. Comparison sites like Babandoo are made so that they could offer help and advice to people who have trouble deciding on deals that would most benefit them. Often, these people are those who have no time or capacity to compare deals on their own through the Internet. It is very wrong to mislead consumers no matter the authenticity of this issue. The allegations thrown upon the top comparison sites in the energy market may or may not be true but awareness of this act can definitely ignite changes that would benefit consumers in the future.