Property Business Owner Offering Flat For Homeless For Free This Holiday Season

Laurence Lameche is a successful owner of a property business in London. He used to be homeless before his success. In a way to give back, he decided to offer one of his vacant properties to homeless people – individual, a couple or an entire family. It is no secret that not everyone can afford to rent a flat in London long term because of the cost and other factors thus some people go homeless. The flat he is offering is worth £2,000 monthly.

The 39 year old businessman said that he is willing to lend them the place for a few days, one week or even a month. His main goal is to provide them a roof for the holidays as well as help them as they get their life back together.

He thought of doing this after witnessing a concert by Phil Collins the month before. During the concert, the singer sang Another Day In Paradise and he reflected on the lyrics which talks about being homeless.

The song made him look back to the time when he first arrived in London and he has no money for deposit so he can have a place to sleep. It was during the winter of 1997 until 1998. He was forced to live in his car until he was able to find a work.

He moved to London with the hopes of making it big in the property sector but one job rejected him solely because he has no permanent address. Many landlords rejected him because of his unemployment but there was one who accepted hi until he found a job.

Now it is time for Laurence to give back by helping the homeless have a roof to stay for the holidays. It property comes with two bedrooms. There are super king size beds inside which can be transformed into two single beds. There is also a kitchen as well as a bathroom.

He is hoping that he will be able to help whoever it is to rent a flat in London long term so that they won’t have to go back to being homeless after the holiday is over.