Protecting And Serving While Going The Extra Mile

Many think of the police or law enforcement officers as men or women wearing their badges with their guns in their waists while driving around in their police vehicles. For others, it might be those making arrests and writing tickets for speeding violations.

Yes, those are essentially part of what the Athen’s County Sheriff’s Deputy is doing. However, the officers in Athens County do more on an everyday basis while working to protect and serve its residents.

Deputies from the sheriff’s office take on many roles when there is a need, and they are trained to cover those roles. However, there is more to just being trained to be available for help in various situations, it is going the extra mile.

The examples set by deputies and others going the extra mile without expectations are highly admirable.

There was an incident in March where a 911 call was placed from a home in Amesville after 10 pm. Deputies were dispatched to the location and got to the address. It was determined that a young boy aged 5 made the call. He told Lt. Steve Sedwick that his back was very itchy and that it was also his birthday wanting people to see him. The boy received his back scratch, and he was also wished a very happy birthday.

Deputies also respond to activated alarms and understands that these incidents require an emergency response. An incident happened when a neighbor called dispatch. There was an alarm sound and red flashing light in The Plains. Officers found out there was an elderly man down on the bath floor. They helped him up and got him back to the chair. The man didn’t need medical treatment and declined it. However, Deputy Jason Wickmann did the man a little favor by brewing coffee and sticking around a little longer until he was able to make sure that the man was really doing okay.

There are also other instances where deputies went above and beyond giving help.

One thing is for sure, whether an elderly person may need simple tasks like lifting Small Vanity Units while rearranging furniture to prevent accidents in bathrooms, responding to calls about animals in the highways or simply lending a hand, law enforcement can oftentimes help with just that.