Public Welcome To Visit Garden At Clifton Hill House After Restoration

The exterior of a property looks better if landscaping is done by professionals such as Greenside Landscaping. This is the reason why the garden at Clifton Hill House is given high level of importance after a restoration grant was made. The halls of the residence within Clifton Hill House used to belong to students ever since 1909 which is the year the University of Bristol was established. The estate is considered as one of the oldest within the city since it has been in existence way back in 1750.

Due to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the restoration of the gardens in the estate was made possible. Their goal is to make it look as beautiful as before with its original Georgian vibe.

An open day was given to the general public last weekend in order for them to see the newly restored estate garden. They are able to experience the beauty of the grounds and at the same time learn about the horticulture of the establishment and its heritage.

As soon as guests went down the steps from the magnificent property, they are met with a garden filled with lush greens. Nicola Greaves, a landscaper in Bristol, is responsible for the remodeling of the estate garden. The garden mimicked the goose foot pattern that is commonly seen in traditional Georgian era.

The design was made to create a wild and natural ambiance. The designer utilized the meadow filled with wildflower that is surrounding the central pond as a tribute to the former landscaping style of the garden.

All around the wildflower meadows, one can see an abundance of greenery which makes the mansion look like it is situated in the middle of the woodlands.

According to Louise Hopkins, the volunteer coordinator, who worked hard along with her team, the scene was a resemblance of the visual they have been dreaming of since they started the project a year ago. A winding path can be seen leading to the garden folly that is located at one corner of the garden.

Residents in Bristol hoping to have a garden as lush should contact a professional landscaping company like Greenside Landscaping to discuss their options.