Quebec School Ends Homework

A primary school located in Jonquière, Quebec made several of its students very pleased by ending homework for the school year.

Experiment to check if students perform better without homework

The Collège de Saint-Ambroise students for grades one to six are part of an experimental year to check if they perform better without homework.

Marie-Ève Desrosiers, a Jonquière School Board worker, mentions that there are a lot of families that find it difficult to add the homework to their schedules especially when their children are in daytime care prior to school as well as after school.

She adds that teachers can still ask their students to read and study at home, however they will no longer be able to give assignments to them. The school will also alter the way that students are spending their time during class to ensure that they can keep up with their work.

Several parents think that this is not a good idea. They mention that homework is their way of keeping track of their children’s progress in school as well as to assist when problems arise.

The school mentions that it will provide exercise books for parents to see their child’s progress.

A debate if homework benefits students

A number of schools throughout Canada and the United States are constantly debating if homework benefits students or not.

During 2009, the Canadian Council on Learning conducted a study and knew that students that have more homework are inclined to get better marks. However, this was only applicable for grade seven and higher students and not primary school students.

Many people regard homework as important since it teaches children discipline and better time management. It also reinforces the learning to students.

However, for other people, they think homework results to stress and less interest for students. They say that children’s lives are way busy, and they need time for families or just playing.


What is clear is that schools will have different approaches when it comes to homework. For everyone else that still has to face having homework or assignments, there is an assignment writing service for Canadians that one can find online which helps with freeing time to spend on other important things.