Reality Star Imprisoned For 15 Months, Husband Following After

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has reportedly surrendered herself on January 5 to the authorities following a trial last October where she was sentenced for 15 months in prison for a series of bankruptcy fraud, mail fraud and bank fraud as well as conspiracy. Teresa was early for about 7 hours when she surrendered at 3 am. Her attorney told everyone that she was ready for prison.

The bankruptcy, mortgage and bank fraud were only a few of the charges that they were guilty of committing. It was told that minutes before she was sentenced, Teresa told Judge Salas that she takes responsibility for her actions. She also said that she didn’t care about the reality TV show she was in while apologizing.

Her remorse might have affected her sentence because she was only given 15 months jail time even when the feds suggested that she serve a minimum of 2 years.

Before her sentencing, Teresa Giudice was reported to earn about $650, 000 for every season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The Giudices and their legal problems became the central plot of the reality show and there is still no word from the producers as to how Teresa’s imprisonment will affect the next season of the show although there are rumors circulating around the web.

The tanned housewife was known for her luxurious lifestyle. She was known to own expensive clothing and jewelries but upon entering the minimum security facility, she will be stripped of all her privileges.

Once she is released, her husband, Joe Giudice will be the next to serve jail time. He is sentenced to 41 months of prison time. Because Teresa has the shorter jail time, she was allowed to serve her sentence first so that Joe could take care of their four children. Once Joe has finished serving his 41 month sentence, he will be dealing against issues of deportation next.

The Giudice daughters, 13-year old Gia and 10-year old Gabriella, were aware that their parents are going to prison while the younger daughters, Milania and Audriana, do not.

Aside from a jail sentence, Teresa and Joe will also be paying $414, 000 in restitution.