Reduction In Retail Price Of Kawasaki Ninja 300

Riders in India who are looking for Kawasaki motorcycles for sale might be happy to hear about the price drop currently happening with the Kawasaki Ninja 300 model. The model was first launched in the country in 2013 and many were surprised because the replacement model is far from the original one which is the Ninja 250. It has been five years since the introduction of the vehicle and Kawasaki once again released a new model, the Ninja 400. This new motorcycle is a better version of the Ninja 300 in many ways.

Majority of the markets are now selling the Ninja 400 instead of the Ninja 300 but when looking at the data it revealed that both models continue to be a big hit in India. There is a reason as to why the company decided to stick with these two. Ninja 400 is currently imported into Thailand as a CKD product while the Ninja 300 will mostly be assembled using local parts. Because of this, the company is expecting that the price of the Ninja 300 will be far more affordable. Kawasaki estimates that they will be able to sell every unit for the same price as the KTM RC 390. Aside from this model, it is also expected that the TVS Apache RR 310 will also be sold for far lesser.

The move made by Kawasaki to shift to localized version is expected to have a huge impact with the new motorcycle to be released which is the BMW G 310 R. Sources say that the price of the Ninja 300 oule be between Rs 2.5 and 2.7 lakh. For on road, the price is expected to be below 3.2 lakh. Before the localization, the price of every Ninja 300 is Rs 3.6 lakh and looking at the figures one can see the huge difference in the price of the bike.

Details are expected to be released by the company but as per the understanding of experts, the company is planning to purchase components for the motorbike at a local supplier. These components may include battery, bodywork, wiring, lights and a number of internal components. This news will be surely welcomed by consumers who are looking for Kawasaki motorcycles for sale at a much lower price.