Relocation Of Department Of Social Services

The suburb of Greenway now houses the new office building that has been constructed to serve as the office of thousands of public servants. This building is the latest national headquarters of the Department of Social Services and is located in between Soward Way and Athllon Drive. This will be the new permanent office of about 2,500 staffs.  The building has undergone commercial fitouts in Canberra in order to serve its purpose.

An opening ceremony was held which was spearheaded by Senator Zed Seselja who is the assistant minister assigned in social services. The building has six storeys and spans a total of 38,400 square meters. The developer on contract is Cromwell Property Group and the total worth of the finished establishment is $260 million.

It was June 2015 when the construction started and the total cost of the project was $172 million.

A commendation was previous given by Mr. Seselja because of the probable positive impact of the project to the economy of the Tuggeranong suburb.

In 2015, a turf-turning event was held and it was the same time when Mr. Seselja said that the local community’s economy will benefit from the project. The project is also expected to help the government save in long-term by lowering the operating costs of the property and employing a flexible fitout.

He shared that he has been fighting to make sure the Department of Social Services remains in Tuggeranong and he is happy knowing that the strong organization will be staying for good at the town centre of Tuggeranong.

The head of property of Cromwell, Damian Horton, claimed that the project is not only exciting but rewarding at the same time. They have been working hand-in-hand with Department of Social Services during the entire project, since the concept until the day of delivery.

Horton expresses his gratitude for the people who attended the ceremony and were a part of the project ever since the beginning. Projects such as this are proof that commercial fitouts in Cranberra are necessary in order to improve the facility of a building and motivate the people working in them.