Run In With An Electric Fence Ended Up As Joke

In the past, farmers used barbed wire or woven wire materials for fencing options. Nowadays, there is electric fence for cattle that is less expensive, easy to construct and expected to last for years. Barbed wire is very dangerous to livestock because it can cause damages when the animal comes into contact with the fence. Electric fencing is becoming a more popular option because it can be used for both interior and perimeter fencing.

Aside from cattle, electric fences can also be used for horses. However, a woman had a funny run in with an electric fence which ended up as a joke instead of an injury. A couple was on a nature’s retreat and the last thing that they would expect is animal trouble particularly with a pair of wild horses. Of course, the horses did not attack the wife, instead, it seemed like the woman attacked the electric wire fence.

Someone suggested telling the woman that the fence is electrified but the husband said no. He clearly wanted to see how his wife will react to the charged surprise. The wife walked excitedly to the horses not knowing that she was in for a surprise. She wanted to pat the horses but she got more than what she bargained for.

When the woman touched the fence, she screamed. The horses were frightened and immediately ran away. The wife turned to her husband and said that she has peed on her pants. The wife did not suffer from any injuries. The wife understood that it was all a joke. The husband obviously enjoyed watching the incident and told his wife that she was scaring the horses.

The women survived with just a dent on her pride but this will serve as a lesson that she should more cautious when approaching wild animals inside electric fences.

When you accidentally come into contact with an electric fence for cattle, you will feel an unpleasant shock. For livestock, this will discourage them from approaching the fence in the future. An energizer creates a high voltage pulse that is very short. It is designed to provide an electric shock that the animal will remember.