Santa Out In The Heat

The temperatures have been increasing rapidly ever since last week and it even reached higher than 90 degrees. Despite the sweltering weather last Saturday, Santa will not be stopped from taking a visit to the beachgoers.

Leaving his winter uniform in the North Pole, Santa decided to change it for his summer version of the outfit. The summer uniform consists of a red shirt with short sleeves and has a white trim. It comes with a matching shorts and a red hat as well. Not to mention the fact that Santa has an impressive tan too. Santa visited the North Wildwood Beach Patrol Headquarters located in the 15 street to deliver some fun to the people on the beach. There he brought his Christmas music as well as well-meaning greetings to the passersby.

The event is conducted by the beach patrol annually and is now the 25th year it has been celebrated so everyone can have a reason to have fun.

According to John O’Brien, the most recent retiree from beach patrol and decided to be a part of Santa’s band as banjo player, they consider this event as just one of the crazy happenings in New Jersey and tagged it as Christmas in July.

Many of the residents are waiting for Santa to appear during the event. Many of them are into the experience and make it the most by bringing their own Christmas trees and set it up right by the beach while others are seen wearing hats similar to the one’s Santa is wearing.

There are also people donning their ugly Christmas sweater. Others prefer to join in the fun by preparing a turkey dinner complete with all the trimmings. O’Brien said that it is more fun for those who are just visiting and are not expecting the event to take place right by the beach. Santa visited the beach starting at the 2nd Avenue together with his band consisting of six members who are also members of the North Wildwood Beach Patrol. The meet and greet lasts for three hours and Santa is able to visit 24 streets in total.