Saving The Life Of A Stranger Through First Aid Life Saving Course

Training on first aid life saving in WA is very important because the skills learned can someday be used to save a life. An individual will not know how to resuscitate a family member who is suffering from a heart attack if he does not possess CPR skills. The first assist in a heart attack can make a big difference between death and survival.

Last May 21, Toronto police made it known that they are looking for the Good Samaritan who helped a pedestrian that was hit near High Park Avenue and Annette Street Interaction on a Wednesday afternoon. Toronto police wanted to meet the Good Samaritan that provided the first aid to the 30-year old woman before the arrival of paramedics on the scene.

The Good Samaritan was Clayton Blackwood who was biking on the junction when the woman was hit by a van. If not for the basic first aid training that the Good Samaritan received, he would not have been able to save the life of the woman. While the woman remains in critical condition, she would have died right there on the street if not for the skills and knowledge of Clayton Blackwood.

According to Blackwood, he was biking that Wednesday afternoon along Annette Road when he saw a woman trying to cross the street. The van’s driver was attempting to make a left turn when he slammed right into the woman. Blackwood saw her lying on the street and he knew that without immediate help she would die.

Blackwood has received a two-week first aid course and he put his knowledge to action. He dropped his bicycle, supported the head of the woman and monitored her breathing. He had to clear up the airways because the woman was filling up with fluid. He soon realized that the woman was bleeding from her ears and he had to ensure that she keeps on breathing.

Blackwood credits his first aid training for giving him the ability to help until the emergency crew arrived. He thought that he was never going to use the training but when he did so, he was happy to save someone else’s life. Blackwood wants to meet the woman and wishes her well.