Saving While Purchasing A New Boiler

During the winter season, the worst that could happen is that your boiler will breakdown. Before purchasing a new unit right away, there are some things one should consider in order to not break the bank. If you have a feeling that your boiler will not make it throughout the winter, ask yourself a few things before deciding.

Is it necessary to replace the boiler? The average lifespan of a boiler is around 15 years. As it accumulates more years, it is working more than ever to deliver the right heat necessary and in the end it makes them less efficient than the previous years. It will only make you spend money on servicing and repair while getting the same result.

An old boiler does not necessary mean that it needs a new replacement. There are boilers that are serviced in a regular basis which operate and last longer but if you have to call a repair man every now and then it only means one thing – you need a new boiler.

It is important that you have enough knowledge when it comes to your boiler. Knowing the what type you have will make it easier for you to know if any problem arises as well as it will help you decide on what kind to purchase when time comes.

  • Combi boiler. The most common type of boiler in the UK and is able to give access to hot water and central heating. It can be either electric or gas powered. It is also convenient as it does not need a cylinder for hot water. The only problem is a challenging installation and water pressure might be non-existent if run at several places at once.
  • System boiler or also referred to as sealed system. This has a water cylinder but without a tank. Hot water can be accessed from different sources at once but the operation is not instantaneous and there is a possibility of running out of hot water.
  • Conventional boiler/regular/open vent. This comes with a tank and cylinder. Different sources of hot water but with a chance of running out. It also takes time before heating up again.

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