Scholarship For Summer Camp Offered By Non-profit

Hands4Hope or H4H organization recently made an announcement that they are now ready to accept applications from students who are interested to enroll in a summer camp but can’t afford to pay the full amount. The scholarship will be granted to selected students only and the scholarship may be partial or in full. The students will have the chance to enroll in the summer camp they choose for the coming summer of this year.

The scholarship was a gift from the Ryan Christopher Hersh Memorial Scholarship Fund or the RCH Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The aim of RCH Memorial Scholarship is to help the youth who are interested in summer camps but the families are not financially capable to enroll them. With the scholarship, they can choose the summer camp they want depending on their skills and be able to pursue it. Application to the scholarship can be in any camp as long as it promotes strengthening their current skills, will give them a chance to grow personally and will allow them to experience new things as well as get a new perspective in life.

Interested applicants are require to share how they think the camp will have a positive impact to their personal life and how they will be able to utilize the skills they will learn in the camp to be able to have a positive impact to other people.

The scholarship aims to develop the strength of the youth and at the same time make them understand that they have the power to create an impact regardless of their circumstance in life.

Applicants for the scholarship must be able to prove that they are interested in the camp they have chosen, they must be financially incapable of enrolling in the camp and they must have a referral from one of the partner agencies of Hands4Hope – it can be a school administrator, teacher, another participant in H4H or a counselor.

For students who wear glasses, you can have a chance in getting a scholarship too. All you have to do is check out the authorized organization’s Students Glasses Scholarship Website.