School Furniture From Auckland’s North Shore To Be Donated To Areas In The Pacific

In certain places in the Pacific and the world, students are unable to appreciate the comfort of a sturdy desk or good school furniture chairs as they strive to gain an education.

The North Shore-based organization Furniture for Schools Charitable Trusthopes to alleviate that issue, with donations from schools in New Zealand going to areas in the Pacific in need of such assistance.

Forest Hill School, on North Shore, has collected and donated an entire container full of school furniture chairs and desks for the Kiribati, a low-lying Pacific nation. Currently, the school and its administration is busy working on filling up a second container to donate, this time filled with other school supplies such as books.

The issues of logistics was handled by Furniture for Schools, who partnered with the school’s administration to get the endeavour underway.

One of the organization’s trustees, Callum Blair, is the director of the school security company, who noticed the tendency of schools to simply dispose of desks, chairs and other supplies that were no longer being used, but were still in decent condition. He adds that this was just plain wasteful, as well as detrimental to the schools, the community, and, of course, the environment.

The Furniture for Schools trust is supported by Latter-Day Saint Charities, which paid for the containers as well as the transportation, because they, as well as the trust, see the need for school supplies in the Pacific.

The partnership between Latter-Day Saint Charities and Furniture for Schools started 2 years ago, and has already been responsible for successfully donating over 52 containers worth of school furniture and supplies to areas in need of them in the Pacific.

Blair, however, expressed that there is still work to be done and donations to be made, since a lot of schools in the Pacific are lacking in supplies, leading to children simply lying on the floor during classes.

Forest Hill’s Principal, John Marwick, who was able to communicate with the trust due to relations with Blair, hoped that students would be able to better appreciate their desks after this endeavour. He adds that donating unused furniture is a great option for schools looking for a way to get rid of them.