Separate Bathrooms As The Secret Of A Happy And Lasting Marriage

According to Sir Michael Caine, a British actor, the secret of his 43-year marriage is separate bathrooms. Love does not mean 24-hour togetherness because it will soon morph into a frustrating reality of your partner’s face night and day and the surrender of your personal space. You will soon end up murdering each other.

The bathroom is a place for privacy and periods of solitude. Your husband may love you too much but will he appreciate seeing you with a mud mask before bedtime or cutting your toe nails? Are you interested to watch your husband while he squeezes that stubborn spot or shambles with scratching?

However, togetherness in a small space has become fashionable with young couples favoring en-suites with double “his” and “hers” vanities with matching sink basins sitting side by side on top of the countertop. Bathroom trends now include room-for-two shower cubicles. How long will you be happy sharing the bathroom with the spouse? Remember that body maintenance is unglamorous and you want to preserve your privacy and dignity during marriage.

Are husband and wife really designed to live in prolonged close proximity to one another or is it society that decrees them to be together all the time? Generally speaking, trouble in paradise does not result from grave offenses but insignificant issues like forgetting to close the top of the toothpaste or shower gel, dirty socks sitting beside the linen basket and damp towels on the bathroom floor. These are endemic faults of men; however, women usually leave the lights open with clothes draped on the back of chairs.

For women, the bathroom must be their sybaritic sanctuary where they can enjoy long scented soaks with a glass of wine and a favorite novel. It is the private where she can step on the bathroom scales without anyone knowing that she has gained another 5 pounds.

In the bathroom, single basin vanity units mean that it is designed for one individual at a time. However, there is another option of twin basins on the vanity unit if you prefer to share the bathroom space. You do not have to fight over a single sink in the morning.