Shredders Give New Opportunities To Pittsburgh

New opportunities, better chances of career options and development. This is something that a city or a place needs to help the community thrive. New investments mean new businesses and new business means new jobs and chances for people in the community. This is something worthwhile to a place where the new business will be built.

This is a chance that a Swedish company has given to the community of Pittsburgh. The company bought the Rapid Granulator brand a couple of years ago and they are planning to open a manufacturing plant for plastic shredders later this year in the Pittsburgh area. This project is supposed to be worth several millions of dollars.

Rapid Granulator creates technology that shreds plastics to get them ready for recycling. The company, however, has not yet disclosed how many employments will it be needing in the development of this manufacturing plant. This huge facility, 65,000-square-foot in total, will have a production floor, offices, its own showroom, and its own warehouse. This is from the press release of Rapid Granulator and the parent Swedish company, Lifco. Currently, the operations for Rapid Granulator are in Leetsdale, West Park Road. No other details were provided after that from the company or from its base in Sweden even with the promptings and questions raised.

IPeg Inc. in Cranberry Township previously owned this brand of plastic shredders and it was in 2015 that Lifco acquired the company. The manufacturing of the products is still currently with IPeg but the new owners plan to bring the production to its in-house teams. This will be part of the expansion of its headquarters at Bredaryd, Sweden where current developments and extension of space are being done.

Lifco further noted that they plan to include and will have full control over the US production and facility in the near future as it is essential that they have a hand and the main responsibility for the plastic shredders’ quality and reliability. The equipment that they would be producing should be at par with the standards that they have set.

Even without the employment numbers disclosed, this new facility is sure to provide new opportunities for people in the Pittsburgh region and that would be a benefit to all.