Some Important Factors To Looking For While Investing In A Motherboard For Your PC

Motherboard is the main component of a computer. Selecting the right type of motherboard plays a crucial part in your computing experience. The motherboard determines the other components to be used in the computer such as the type of processor, RAM of the computer, other additional peripherals and the features of the computer.

Here are some important tips to guide you while shopping for the minicomputer motherboard in Thailand for building your PC.

  1. CPU or Processor Support – The CPU of a computer is held by a special socket in the motherboard. The CPU socket determines the type of processor to be used in the computer. Hence it is better to find out what model of processor, you intend to buy for your computer and then select a computer motherboard that suits it.
  2. Size and Form factor – The size and form factor of the motherboard determines the number of features that can be added to the PC. Motherboards are available in three sizes, ATX, micro- ATX and mini computer motherboard Thailand, mini-ITX. The size of the motherboard determines the slots and ports on it. The ATX has around five, the micro has three and the mini has only a single graphic cards slot. The mini computer motherboard has two memory slots and four SATA ports.
  3. Memory – The motherboard determines the type, speed and amount of memory in a computer. Since the mini computer motherboard in Thailand sports only two memory slots, the total amount of memory that can be stored in the computer will be very less.
  4. Expansion slots and connectors – Always look out for the total expansion slots and connectors on the motherboard before making an investment. Computer peripherals require a specific slot or connector type and it is advisable to buy a motherboard that supports the peripherals. Expansion cards can be added to motherboards for adding specific connectors but the performance is better when the connectors are integrated in the motherboard chipset.
  5. Features – Features are the value added features on a mini computer motherboard in Thailand that are not essential for its functioning but are useful. These extra features can save money at a later stage, by enabling the addition of certain features without buying additional expansion cards.