South East Asia Launching More Hotels

Construction boom is more evident in South East Asia nowadays because of the huge number of hotels that are simultaneously being built at the moment. As of writing, there are 437 hotels under construction in the region and these are scattered in only 10 countries in the area. These properties are being developed by huge operators known in the industry as well as independent developers in the hotel market. These groups are expecting to launch their new hotels in the coming years.

In Thailand, there are already many hotels available such as the design hotel in Sukhumvit but the country is expecting for 81 more hotels in the coming years. Malaysia will be launching an additional 79 hotels while 113 hotel projects are lining up for Indonesia.

Many international tourists are looking to South East Asia when planning a holiday while basking in the sun and beautiful beaches. The region also has a lot to offer when it comes to food and wonderful landscape. The countries that have the highest number of visitors are Indonesia and Thailand. Even countries that are known as tourist spots are now experiencing an improvement in tourism including Cambodia and Myanmar. This is the result of the effort by the government to improve the economy of the said countries with the help of tourism.

With this, Myanmar will be expecting the launch of 17 new hotels in the country while Cambodia will have an additional 15 hotels soon. One of the most popular projects in Myanmar that is currently under construction is the Pan Pacific Yangon which is a 5-stay hotel that features 348 rooms. It will be situated inside a complex along with retail and office spaces.

In Malaysia, one of the earliest projects to be released is the Hotel Hen Kuala Lumpur before 2019 ends. This will be a 4-star hotel with 200 rooms available along with meeting space and restaurants. Tourists in Thailand, for the meantime, will be able to enjoy hundreds of hotels in the capital city such as the design hotel in Sukhumvit. Laos, Vietnam, Philippines and Singapore will also welcome new hotels with 11, 69, 37 and 15 respectively.