Story Of A Lotto Winner And How She Lost Weight In The Process

Amanda Nield had reached 16 stones during the time she and her husband Graham are struggling with financial problems as well as family illness. When they won the lottery, her comfort eating got worse and she weight almost 18 stones one year after winning. By then, Amanda was already size 20 and even with their wealth, she is not happy. Thus she asked her husband for a Christmas present, a diet plan that costs £6,000.

After six months of being in the program, she had lost over 7 stone and her weight dropped to 10 stone 7 pounds. Her dress size is eight sizes smaller than before and she admitted that losing weight is better compared to their winning.

Amanda shared that winning the lottery was a great event for them but she knows that she is fat even before that and living with more money made her even fatter. For the first time, she admitted to having self-esteem.

She is now more cheerful because of her shapely figure at 5 feet 7 inches, a different image from the one four years ago. She recalled how overweight she was at 15 stone and her dress size was between 16 and 18. It was the same time that she and Graham are experiencing financial difficulty. They were already selling all their possessions and about to move in with Amanda’s parents.

Amanda who is 51 years old shared that her dad has Alzheimer’s and as a couple they have decided to move in with her parents to help them. She was doing a lot of things at the same time that comfort eating became her habit. When the couple won the lottery with their winning numbers 15, 25, 26, 33, 34 and 41, Graham asked Amanda to marry him after 11 years of being together.

They quit their job, built a new bungalow with annexe for her parents and their five children were also given each a house and car. Amanda continued to gain weight because of their new found wealth until she asked her husband to give her a Christmas gift which is a diet program. She is now slimmer, healthier and more confident than before. If you are trying to lose weight, check out SlimLife HCG Drops.