Tapasya Owners Ventures Into Indian Restaurant Business

With the recent investment made by the owners of Hull Marina, a £1 million capital, pretty soon the area will be welcoming an Indian restaurant catered for high-end customers. There is a continuing regeneration going on with the Fruit Market and the current CatZero building is expected to be transformed for the coming Indian restaurant.

The youth organization that used to occupy the establishment is reported to be transferring to its new address which is located near Humber Street. The high-end Indian restaurant is an investment made by the owners responsible in creating Tapasya which is located in Beverly Road, Hull.

According to Tapasya’s managing director, Mukesh Tirkoti, the company has been brainstorming on what to bring to the city centre of Hull as they are targeting something different and unique to the area. They have been planning for a while to invest on a high end food place which can also be a hip bar where the coolest events are happening. The place should also be able to cater those who are in need of private function venues as well as corporate dining place.

Mr. Tirkoti revealed how they invested around £800,000 in order to create and open what is now known to be Tapasya located in Beverly Road. The success of this previous venture is what made the company more confident into opening another restaurant near the marina. He also admitted that the company is proud of Tapasya for it is known to be the first Indian restaurant in the area that offers fine dining to customers.

Tapasya was launched two years ago in 2013 and has made available 30 job opportunities to the locals. After a few months of operation, the establishment was able to reach the final stages in the category awarded to Best Restaurant. This was given during the Reytas or Remarkable East Yorkshire Tourism Awards.

The new Indian restaurant is expected to be available to the public this coming April of 2016. For locals in Perth looking for an Indian restaurant, there are many options available in the area.