Team Building Activities To Bring Down Walls

It was the morning of Halloween when the students of Walter M. Schirra Elementary School were able to finish their outdoor activity which is to make a living painting in the form of an astronaut. This activity is one of the outdoor team building games that could be organized to foster teamwork among coworkers.

Amanda Janks, the art teacher, said that they are conducting a project which they call Art for the Sky. The project is a residency program for three days spearheaded by Daniel Dancer based in Oregon. The aerial photography was made possible by the Old Bridge Fire Department.

Janks said that the students will make the living painting and they will assemble outside. Every one of them is wearing their designated colored T-shirts – white and blue. A kickoff assembly was conducted the day before in order to make the kids feel excited for the coming event. They also practiced the land painting that they are going to create.

The team building activity began in September. A teacher who is employed in Old Bridge High School was the one who provided the drone so they could take photos.

Tricia Barrett, the principal of Schirra, said that they brought the whole community so they can make the activity possible.

The land mural was completed with the help of 300 students, 30 parents who volunteered and 50 members of the school faculty. The photographers were busy taking images which will be used by Daniel Dancer for a video which he presented to the school the next day.

The artwork was named Astro after the fact that the school’s name was after an astronaut. The land mural was made on grass while the helmet’s face shield was made using empty water bottles.

Dancer was the one who directed the entire scene and made them follow his directions as if they knew one another longer than a few days.

Through this unique activity, the students, teachers and parents were able to bond. It can also be used as one of the outdoor team building games as it fosters team building and bonding.