Termite Inspection By Sniffer Dogs

There are many techniques used in termite inspections in Sydney but there is a method in Korea that will surely add a smile to those who are in the vicinity. Termites are known to cause damage in wood structures and can easily eat their way though timber. Korea, on the other hand, is known for their cultural properties which are mostly made of wood and a target for termite infestations. Therefore the local government of the Gyeonggi Province decided to release a new team to conduct termite inspections.

The team is composed of sniffer dogs and they are tasked to detect the presence of termites in various cultural properties. At the beginning of this month, Everland which is a known theme park located in Yongin was visited by the snigger dogs. The team came from the S1 detection dog center and they were there together with the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage. The inspection was done on popular wooden buildings that are considered to hold cultural values for the province of Gyeonggi. The inspection was done as a part of the local government’s goal to conduct preventive pest control.

The termite sniffer dogs workers alongside with their respective pest controllers as well as researchers. They visited a number of local attractions including the Yeonmudae Post, Paldalmun Gate and Hwaseomun Gate to make sure that the damaging insects are not infesting one of these structures.

Termites are partial when it comes to dark and they are known to climb pillars made of wood. They come from the ground and will attack upwards which will eventually lead to a major damage. The sniffer dogs which are trained by the S1 team are very well equipped and they were taught to track down termites using the specific pheromones they release.

This is not the first time that South Korea did this because annually, between the months of April and October, they require sniffer dogs from the S1 team to conduct inspection of around 100 cultural properties located all over the country. The same practice should be employed by termite inspections in Sydney in order to avoid costs brought by unexpected termite damage.