Termites Will Not Spare Any Timber Inside The House During Infestation

Kerri Hancock has always been dreaming of investing in her very own property but it turned out to be a nightmare in which she had to shell out a lot of money because there are termites found inside her home.

Ms.Hancock shared that almost all of the timber found inside the property has been infected with termites.

She is a resident of Kingston and after her experience she decided to share it with the campaign called War on white ants started by Leader. This is in an attempt to give warnings to fellow homeowners that it is important to inspect their homes for any types of insect that may be highly destructive for the property.

Leader is now on the process of convincing the council in Kingston to declare the entire region to be prone to termites. When this happens, developers would be forced to make sure that they conduct any steps necessary to make sure that all of their new constructions and buildings are free of termites.

The property belonging to Ms. Hancock that was destroyed by termites is located in Seaford. It was constructed back in the 1970s – a time after Frankston Council have announced that their zone is termite prone and thus they have introduced better building controls in terms of the pests.

Due to her horrible experience, Ms. Hancock decided to become a supporter of the campaign in Kingston in order to convince the councils to follow the lead of Frankston and make sure that all future constructions will be well protected. They are also recommending that homeowners with older properties should inspect their homes for infestation.

She added that she would like to encourage all homeowners to make sure they get regular inspections as well as put in place protection barriers just to be sure that the termites will not be able to get through the property.

It was only November of 2016 when Ms. Hancock bought the house in Seaford but decided to perform renovations which revealed mud trials in the kitchen after pulling it apart. This is why every old home should have termite inspections in Newcastle to make sure that their properties are well protected.