The Art Of Planning Wedding Menus

Marriage is a very unforgettable event in the life of a couple thus the food should not only be delicious. This is why top wedding caterers are creating food that are not just good to the taste but will also satisfy the guests and embed the event in their memories. This sensory experience is offered from the first sip of the cocktail until the last bite is taken. There is now a plethora of wedding menu trends incorporated with family and flavours into every dish.

The first time guests could be impressed with the wedding menu is during the cocktail hour and this is why they prefer to use the appetizer into making the biggest impact when it comes to flavour. One can’t help but indulge more if the serving is only enough for one bite. Even guests who are conscious when it comes to their health won’t be able to say no to a truffle or hush puppy served.

According to the main chef of Blue Plate Catering which is based in Chicago, Melissa Chickerneo, there is an increase in the number of customers that are being more creative when it comes to the choice of appetizer by not following standard wedding menus but choosing huge and full of flavour with one bite instead. She added that the most popular choices are secret recipe of the family, unique proteins, favourite food from childhood and ethnic spices.

Aside from the finger foods, cocktail hours are all about the beers and cocktails too which is a big thing especially for millennials.

For dinner, the trendiest wedding menus nowadays involve interactive food stations including sushi bar and carving station. This is when guests experience food with all their senses. According to the sales manager of Wolfgang Puck Catering which is based in Los Angeles, Jami Pennings, catering is the only offering at the wedding ceremony that stirs up the five senses. Live stations are the perfect way for guest to use their sense of hearing through sizzling and crackling of cooking food.

All these trendy wedding menus can be personalized by the couple and all it takes is the perfect wedding catering in Sydney to make their marriage one of a kind.