The Essentials For A Great Marketing Strategy

According to Arash Asli, the co-founder and CEO of marketing platform Yocale, building that top marketing strategy is comparable to baking a pie, where the important ingredients must not be left out.

For those that look into their own marketing pie, the eight essentials below are integral to a success. Every single one is great, however with them together, results are going to expand a bottom line greatly.

Here are the essentials, according to Asli.

Web presence

The website is any company’s initial marketing, so this needs to be attractive, showcases the brand and what it does, and offers proof of success. Branding, online presence and marketing materials are great ways to begin building a marketing message and engaging clients.

Customer relationships

The most profitable part of marketing is keeping customers engaged and happy. Happy customers are going to stay loyal and bring in additional customers.

Social media

Presence in social media is already an indication of a business’ life. This is the place where people interact, so content must be kept fresh and new in social media accounts.

Content creation

Creating valuable content builds website value in search engines and is going to grow organic traffic, aside from it building loyalty and engagement.

Joint ventures

Looking for joint venture partners that target similar markets assist in promoting services to other customers.

Brand ambassadors and affiliates

Reward referrers and fans. Incentivize online influencers and customers for mentions. Buyers depend on referrals, social influence and reviews for buying decisions. After setting up a referral or an affiliate system, influence can increase beyond a particular reach.

Speaking events

Exposure in speaking events create greater impact, since sharing a mission statement, customer focus and expertise shows personal connection and credibility.


A company or brand needs to continually keep creating and working on networks. Presence at conferences and events with partners, employees and prospective matters. Over time, commitment and consistency must be reconfirmed to building community and relationships.


And just like pies, marketing requires effort, ingredients and time to build results. The best part is, when all these marketing strategies are combined, no other thing is going to beat that smell of sweet success.