The Fate Of The Teddy Fence In Perth

Fences are known to be pretty good in Perth because of a Perth fencing company,, but their most popular fence is something quite special. It is what the community in the northern suburbs called the teddy fence. It used to be packed with soft toys contributed by the whole community but something happened lately since the fence is now looking a bit bare.

The landmark can be found in Wanneroo and it has been a site and source of enjoyment for thousands of vehicles that are passing through the Lenore Road. The teddies are places on the length of the fence and goes as far as the corner that reaches the High Road.

The 100 meter fence used to hold over 300 toys according to the locals but it was only recently when the number decreased considerably.

The trend started three years ago when they found a sole soft toy of Elmo, the character from Sesame Street. It was left on the local park and it is attached on a post. From then on, the toy collection begins to increase in number.

A land subdivision was constructed at the site where Elmo was left so they had to move him to the fence. As soon as he was transferred, a number of new stuffed friends joined him as the locals started leaving their own teddy at the fence.

According to a report from the Wanneroo Times, the City of Wanneroo has no choice but to do something after the heavy rain that visited the area.

In an inspection conducted by the council staff along with Harminder Singh, they decided to take some of the stuffed toys away.

Singh said that the heavy rain caused damage on some of the stuffed toys. There are those with splits and some are already starting to deteriorate. These are then removed from the fence.

There are a number of bears that were damaged because of waterlogged causing for their internal stuffing to litter around the fence. The city along with a Perth fencing company is now thinking of ways to manage the teddy fence long-term.