The Hottest Interior Design Trends, According To Pinterest

Social media has a lot of influence, with people heading to sites  like Facebook and Pinterest, to help them make decisions. When it comes to shopping for bathroom furnishings, looking through sites like, Pinterest has a lot of data, thanks to images of visual design trends being so ubiquitous.

The site keeps track of what’s commonly pinned, what key trends are popular on which topics. Here are the most popular interior decoration trends, according to Pinterest’s data.

Gold accents.

According to Pinterest, there’s been a 96% increase in ideas saved under the keywords ‘gold accents’ across the world in 2016. The popularity of adding a touch of gold in interior decor shows homeowners being bolder with their decorating ideas.

  • The trend for 2018’s bathroom feature golden fittings, paired with the white marble. Though brass and even matte black options are popular, gold is the one taking the spotlight. Regardless, the traditional ‘safe’ option of chrome, common thanks to the fact that chrome is good for keeping the re-sale value of the bathroom. This shows a bolder and more personal touch when it comes to decorating their bathrooms, though this is clearly not an option for the faint-hearted.
  • For sinks, meanwhile, the traditional marble or marble-effects is now getting paired with golden sinks and basins, creating a luxe look. This follows the trend of pairing metallic finishing with natural stone materials that’s being seen in Autumn Winter 2018 collections.

Inspired by nature.

Pinterest’s data show a massive increase in plant-based or plant aesthetic interior decor, with wallpapers and the like gaining popularity. The interest in nature-based decor has even brought back an old classic; pressed flowers.

  • Frame plants and leaf wallpaper have seen an upsurge in pins for 2018, with a whopping 396% increase for the former, a more modest 46% increase for the latter. For summer decor, tropical flower designs are popular, alongside large-scale lush leaf print.
  • For walls, fabrics, soft furnishing and bedding, botanical prints are popular for the season.
  • An old classic that’s been seeing a resurgence in Pinterest, most people are now looking for simple craft projects to decorate their house. The pressed flowers are primarily used to display memories, with a lot of people using flowers from special occasions, like flowers from wedding bouquets.