The Importance Of Sharing Good News In Social Media

Happiness is contagious and it affects everyone connected to it. According to a recent research of the University of Pennsylvania, it is very easy to make yourself and all around you happy because you only need to literally spread the word. A study titled “What Makes Online Content Viral” tracked the circulation of almost 7,000 articles on the New York Times over a 3-month period and found out that positive articles were shared instead of negative stuff.

A research that was conducted by the University of California, San Diego reveled that happiness is highly contagious and it can be magnified to the intensity of a global emotional synchrony through online communities. On another research made by Tubingen University scientists that tracked the emotional responses of Germans and Americans, it was revealed that reading other people’s positive posts can trigger happiness on 64% of people. These studies form part of a research dealing with emotions and moods spread among people that are linked through online social networks. One positive post can brighten the day of an individual you have never met or may not likely ever meet.

On the other hand, negative news can have a bad effect on people. News can have a certain effect on people’s moods like stories about violence, war, natural disasters and corruption. No wonder people report feelings of depression and worry after watching nightly news bulletins on TV. People want to hear good news and they are using social media as the medium for creation and dissemination of happy stories.

Sites must share good news by writing positive posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is very easy to get some positive emotional therapy through a positive tweet. Sharing good news might seem like a small gesture for most websites but it has a big effect amidst the sea of negativity present in mainstream media. People want to be happy, why begrudge them that feeling?

When you make your own online store, make the effort to create positive content that can be shared by web users with their family and friends. This way, your online store will not only get likes and shares but traffic that is very important for brand awareness.