The Increasing Consumer Preference For Organic Produce

Many Thais, expats and tourists put their trust on organic Thai restaurant in Bangkok because it provides a healthier option in terms of nutrition and environmental impact. There is a growing preference today for organic food in the catering and restaurant sector as a healthier alternative. However, even if the sales of organic food are dramatically rising, it is still dwarfed but the overall fast food and beverage sector.

Organic food is not just a trend because you can find retailers in North America offering organic products in their shelves. The organic marketplace continues a steady growth because of increasing consumer demand. Based on the Fresh Trends 2018 survey, nearly all demographics regardless of family income, geography, gender or ethnicity demand organic food. However, the strongest demand comes from the youngest age group, 18 to 39 years old.

Some of the most popular products in the produce category are organic berries and salad ingredients. Based on the numbers from Nielsen Co, organic produce grew by 9% in dollars year-over-year and represents a 10% share of all total produce as of August 26. This shows that organic product sales are vigorous.

Sales of organic produce are just one part of the story. Customers are buying organic berries in large packs that weight between 18 ounces and 2 pounds instead of pints. Pre-packed salad ingredients dominate the organic category with combined 30% organic sales in the United States. Lettuce and berries lead the pack followed by apples and spinach

Organic produce has been the traditional entry category for consumers that are new at organic products. Organic produce now occupies centre stage in the healthy plates of many American homes. There are now more opportunities for buyers and sellers of organic produce because of the relentless efforts to educate consumers on the advantages of anything organic in their daily lives.

More and more people go to organic Thai restaurant in Bangkok because organic food is considered as healthier and tastier choice compared to produce that were grown using insecticides. Nutritional values are higher but the impact on the environment is significantly smaller. Organic produce is often fresh and stays longer in the store shelves without the need for preservatives.