Tips In Choosing DVR Mobile For Your Fleet

A DVR mobile is one important investment if you want to ensure efficiency of your drivers including their safety on the road and of your fleet. A remote and DVR is how you can easily monitor your fleet and the performance of your truck drivers as the unit allows you to view real time activities of your drivers and record, save and download their whereabouts and activities. If you plan to use DVR on your units, here are some essential buying tips:

Opt for product with the best warranty

A DVR is an electronic device and even if it is of good quality, there are factors that could speed up its deterioration or device damage. To ensure that your investment is protected, choose a DVR unit with the best warranty offered by its manufacturer. This way, you get full confidence that your units are protected and they can be replaced free of charge if they get damaged unintentionally. There are DVR mobile manufacturers that can offer up to 5 years of service and unit warranty.

Choose quality products

Take a stroll down electronic departments at your nearest shopping mall and you will easily find DVRs at ridiculously low price. While this can be tempting as it could mean a lot of savings for your company, think about the long term use of the units. You may be saving now but if you would have to replace the product after a year or so, you might not be saving after all.  If you want quality experience on your DVR units, you might as well invest and contact professional suppliers or manufacturers to get the best value for your money.

Check the features  

One of the mistakes of common DVR buyers is that they do not bother to check the unit’s features so long as it is cheap and easy on the pocket, only to find out that when they try using the DVR mobile, it would not work as it lacks features and the necessary connection types to make it functional. Ask an expert on DVR mobile to help you choose the right unit.