The Soothing Effect Of The Dallas Cowboys On Baby Lola

The Dallas Cowboys is a popular professional football team that competes in the National Football League (NFL). It is normal for the team to have lots of fans because they are one of the most valuable sports teams all over the world. However, the Dallas Cowboys have a very young fan, perhaps the youngest of all those who admire the team.

A 3-month old baby named Lola was born with a congenital heart disease, making life rather difficult for herself and her parents. Congenital heart defect is a common birth defect that disrupts the normal flow of blood to the heart. Some children need treatment, others don’t.

When Lola cries, there is only one thing that can soothe her – the Dallas Cowboys. Laura, Lola’s mother told Fox5 that have searched for different ways to make the baby stop crying until they found out that the Dallas Cowboys were able to hit a sweet spot in Lola’s heart.

Instead of watching Frozen, Lola’s parents have been watching football for the past 4 days because of the effect of the team on their daughter. Laura is a fan of the Broncos but her loyalty to the team is not important. What concerns her more is the instantaneous effect that the Dallas Cowboys have on Lola.

The parents have to watch the Dallas Cowboys otherwise Lola will not stop crying. Lola’s parents are very happy that the Dallas Cowboys can make their little daughter happy. Lola’s story went viral when the Dallas cowboys sent her a tweet that says “We love Lola, she’s helping us #FinishThisFight.”

According to Lola’s father Bryan, it seems that their tiny daughter is the lucky charm of the football team. Lola was born last October and this was the season when the Dallas Cowboys had a winning streak. Lola just like the Cowboys can win through love and a lot of prayers.

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