The Story Of Joshie’s Extended Stay At The Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton is one of the luxury hotel chains that are known for their elevated service and amenities that entice guests to return and attract new guests to try the hotel’s hospitality.  Everyone is entitled to some pampering and a luxury overnight accommodation with additional amenities like spa treatment, lunch for two or a wellness-focused experience. However, the legendary reputation for service is usually limited to human guests and not stuffed toys. Will Ritz Carlton provide the same high standards of service to Joshie?

This story is about Joshie the giraffe, the favourite stuffed toy of the son of Chris Hurn. The fantastic tale starts when Joshie was accidentally left inside the hotel room after their recent stay. Mr. Hurn’s son was distraught when he learned that Joshie was left inside the hotel room but the father reassured him that it was only an extended hotel stay for Joshie.

Mr. Hurn called the staff at the Ritz Carlton and relayed the story as told to his son. In an effort to keep their reputation for exceptional service, the staff made everything right for the customer. The staff sent Mr. Hurn a series of photographs that involved Joshie while enjoying its extended hotel stay.

Since the staff did not want Joshie to be wandering around aimlessly in the Ritz Carlton, they made him a staff card. After that, Joshie was escorted to the hotel pool area to relax. Since Joshie was restless sitting around doing nothing, he was given an assignment in the loss prevention department. After a day’s work, Joshie was given a spa treatment to relive him of stress.

All the photographs of Joshie’s extended day at the hotel were compiled in a booklet and sent to Mr. Hurn and his son. From the pictures, it was apparent that Joshie had a good time at the Ritz Carlton.

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