The World’s Saddest Bear Will Finally Have A Home In Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Pizza, a polar bear that is held captive by a shopping mall in China has recently earned the title of “world’s saddest bear”. A heartbreaking video that was uploaded by animal rights organization, Animals Asia, showed the tragic state of the bear while caged inside an aquarium. People were excitedly taking pictures while others were banging the windows and shouting. The atmosphere was certainly unfit for the polar bear that was seen teary-eyed while lying on the floor.

Happy news for all of you have seen and cried over the uploaded video. Britain’s Yorkshire Wildlife Park has offered a new home for Pizza. The park has created a special habitat for polar bears in line with its goal of developing an international center for the conservation and rehabilitation of polar bears in captivity as well as those that are living in the wilds.

In contrast to the living conditions of Pizza in the ocean theme park of Grandview Center in Guangzhou, China, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park has a Polar Bear Reserve in an enclosure that is ten acres in size with two lakes. The larger of the two lakes is more than 8 meters deep and contains about 25.5 million gallons of water. This will allow Pizza to dive as he would in the wilds. The Polar Bear Reserve has four male polar bears, Victor, Pixel, Nissan and Nobby. Pizza will never lack for playmates.

Grandview has certainly suffered from negative publicity but with the offer from Yorkshire Wildlife Park, they were given a chance to put the mistake right. Grandview certainly made a mistake because they did not provide Pizza with the appropriate facilities and proper care. No payment will be offered for Pizza for fear that the funds will be used to buy more animals that will be held captive.

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