Tips On Tile And Grout Cleaning In Perth

Cleaning your home, regardless how big it may be, is a heavy work even for professional cleaners. But what if you are on your own and your mom suddenly rants on you about how dirty your house is? To begin with, dusting, sweeping and mopping around the house requires both your time and undivided effort. Even if you’ve done all those dusting, sweeping and mopping already, you will see that your house is still clean. And if you’re going to hire professional cleaners, you will pay double the price because you are letting the professionals do the messy work while you wait at the comfort of your living room.  Now, one of the things you usually do when cleaning the house is tile and grout cleaning in Perth. Normally, tiles can be cleaned just by pouring in a few drops of cleaning solution whether it’s bleach or other chemicals, into the floor then mop it and wait until it dries out. Now what if the stains are still there?

Below are more tips on tile and grout cleaning in Perth that are claimed to be effective by many who have employed these tips:

  • You can use a paste out of baking soda and water for the grout. Spray the mixture with a little bit of diluted vinegar. Now, you can use an old toothbrush to scrub it hard. Next, you rinse it with tap water then let it dry.
  • Another solution you could use in tile and grout cleaning in Perth is using a cleaning solution which is made of oxygenated bleach and water. Like the method above, spray it down to the grout then rinse and let it dry.
  • For this tip, you will need to make a solution out of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and soap. Pour it down into the grout before you scrub it like hell. Then, you will rinse it before mopping it.
  • Now, if in any case that the stain in the tiles won’t simply go away and you have tried every cleaning solution available, then it’s recommended that you either rent or purchase your own steam cleaner.