Tips To Book Hotels And Apartments In Yangon

Yangon or Rangoon is the former capital city of Myanmar. The laidback city has many places of tourist interest and attracts visitors from all over the world. The friendly locals and the laid back vibe of the city attract most of the tourists.

There are many accommodation options in the city. The stay options in Myanmar range from world class hotels and apartments to cheap guest houses and lodges. Visitors looking for luxurious stay option can book a world class apartment in Yangon, which provides modern amenities to the guests.

Visitors to the city can book the apartment in Yangon through a number of means. Here are some of the simple tips to book accommodation in Yangon.

  1. Use any of the hotel booking websites. There are a number of websites that allow tourists to compare the prices of different hotels and apartments in Yangon. Visitors can browse through a vast collection of hotels and select hotels which match their requirements and budget. They can also read reviews and feedback of fellow travellers on different hotels and select a hotel or apartment with positive reviews.
  2. Ask for references from family and friends. Tourists can get a list of hotels and apartments by asking for references from family and friends, who have already visited the city. Taking references helps the tourists to be sure about the quality of rooms and service at the hotel as they can get first-hand account from trusted sources.
  3. Visit the websites of hotels. Tourists planning a visit to Yangon Myanmar can visit the websites of hotels and apartment in Yangon to get to know about the amenities and facilities at the hotels. Most of the reputed hotels have their own websites which showcase the rooms and other amenities at the hotel. Most of the hotels also provide discounts on direct bookings.

The tourism scene in Yangon is just picking up and there are good hotels in all budget categories. However, tourists should prefer to book the hotels and apartment in Yangon, in advance to avoid the last minute price hikes and unwanted worries. Select a reputed hotel or apartment in the locality of your choice and get ready to explore the great city at your own pace.