Two Lives Were Saved By The Apple Watch

The Sun, a popular British tabloid reported that Apple Watch saved a man’s life. According to reports, Dennis Anselmo, a 62 year old man, felt terrible after eating his lunch. He took a rest and checked his pulse through his Apple Watch. It registered 210 beats per minute which is more than twice the normal.

Anselmo called for an ambulance to take him to the hospital. Anselmo was told by the doctors, that if he did not call for an ambulance, he would have died because of an arterial blockage. He is now doing well but if not for his Apple Watch he won’t know that there is something wrong.

This is not the first time that an individual became grateful for having an Apple Watch. Paul Houle, a 17-year old student from Cape Cod, Massachusetts experienced back and chest pain last September 15. According to a report from ABC, Houle is suffering from a health condition called rhabdomyolysis that causes the muscles to break down and flood the blood with protein to cause damage to the organs. His Apple Watch alerted Houle of the problem and saved his life.

According to ABC, Tim Cook, the Apple CEO called Houle and offered him a new phone. Houle was also invited to Apple for his internship if he wishes to. This highlights the fact that Apple has a terrific PR. The company is now focusing its efforts on healthcare through new tools for the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Meanwhile, while it is true that the Apple Watch managed to save the lives of Anselmo and Houle, there are other wearables that have the capability to monitor the heart rate. However, make sure that the wearable you purchase is in accurate in monitoring heart rate because it might cause some false alarms. If the heart rate is elevated, don’t think twice; go to the hospital.

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