Western Australia To Auction Away Rare Timber

With the concerns about the environment and the modern day need for efficiency, Western Australia’s Forest Products Commission has decided to auction off some rare timbers it has managed to stockpile over the past couple of months. The timber being sold has been stated as being very desirable, well fit for purposes such as making timber bar stools and carving.

The FPC made the announcement a few days ago, and are hoping that interested parties, like craftspeople, wood enthusiasts and the like, will not be able to resist attending the auction. The FPC Harvey Mill will be the venue for this event, to be held on May 6, Saturday. The auction will put under the hammer approximately 650 tonnes of timber.

The collection of wood is salvage from several projects like mining, and road construction, that cleared areas of forest in the South West and Goldfield regions in Western Australia, covering a wide list of timber species, including, but not limited to:

·         marri ·         karri ·         jarrah (in logs and slabs)
·         jarrah burls (whole, sliced) ·         blackbutt ·         sheoak
·         tuart ·         woody pear ·         sugar gum (available in kiln dried boards)
·         manna gum (available in kiln dried boards)

·         olive

·         poplar ·         box tree



Additionally, there will be a variety timber species found from the Goldfields region also being auctioned off, which includes, but is also not limited to:

·         sandalwood ·         gimlet ·         salmon gum
·         redwood ·         Goldfields blackbutt ·         western myall


Some of the timber will be available for purchase as sawn slabs, and boards. Additionally, certain samples of Goldfields timber have already been processed; cut into the proper sizes for use in furniture, such as timber bar stools, carving, wood turning and the like.

According to the FPC, many of the timbers set to be auctioned off possess very desirable traits for a number of purposes, and are welcoming potential buyers to inspect the product if the wish to do so. Those who are interested may contact the FPC, and visit the samples sometime between 10AM and 3PM on Friday, the 5th of March, at 64 Weir Road, Harvey.